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 “Kana, a veteran Hawaiian tattoo artist at Hollywood Stars Tattoo, with a welcoming smile and signature tattoos.”

Kana is an established tattoo artist with over 15 years of tattooing experience.He has been a loyal friend and artist here with us since 2008. when he got here he was an assistant to the piercer when things got too crazy. Kana was a very knowledgeable piercer and showed to be a super dedicated team member here. Two years later Kana transitioned to tattoos, he had some training but I had to push him through many obstacles . Kana painted and drew his way to where he is today learning that if you can draw and paint more this would boost your tattoos 10 fold. Kana has improved by leaps and bounds and keeps his work crispy and clean.    He has been at Hollywood Stars Tattoo the longest and put in so many great years with us, and he is eager to serve your needs.

thank you  brother Kana

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